So what a difference a week can make!! Over the last week I’ve started making a few changes to my own routine and the changes have been very positive! I’ve slightly changed what I’d normally eat at work, rather than having a burger everyday (even though they’re made fresh), I had chicken on a couple of days to change things up and just give myself a bit more variety in what I’m eating. I’ve also started back having protein shakes as 1 I’ve always had trouble gaining weight and 2, it gives me something quick to drink that gives me extra calories and stops me snacking throughout my shift! As a result when I weighed myself this morning I had put on almost half a kilo so now weigh in at 82.4kgs and whilst this is going in the direction I want it to, i know that with the changes I’ll putting in this week that may well go down, but its a good place to start.

Right those changes I just mentioned. Well as I have worked shift patterns over the last few years, I’ve found it difficult to fit in a regular training pattern, however this changes today. I have started up running again, something I haven’t really done since I ran the London Marathon 10 years ago! But it provides me with a good workout in the morning, works up an appetite and sets me up for the day! I will also be doing home workouts to blast my body and try and focus on areas that I’ve maybe overlooked in the past.

As always I’ll update you next week with how this week has gone and what small changes i’ll be making next.